May 28, 2024

Principal's Message

It is indeed my proud privilege to be at the helm of affairs of such a fine institution which has got a name in its surroundings far a wide. We the Rosemary Public School fraternity must primarily be thankful to our honorable chairperson and other members of the school managing committee for their unfathomable contribution, dynamic vision and the keen interest, they have taken in the wellbeing of the school. Every moment is important for us. We must utilize it effectively and harness it rationally to achieve excellence without being contented with euphoria. It is our constant effort to grow into a true public school with a mission to equip our student with academic excellence, coupled with traits of all around personality development. I am sanguine that Rosemary Public School Haripur will emerge our soon a premier institution in the vicinity, committed and dedicated in the yeoman service to the nation. Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides. The creative proliferation of Rosemary Public School fraternity will definitely help the school for a mammoth leap, achieving excellence in all its future Endeavour…


Our mission  is to nurture our students to realize their own potential and identify and achieve their goals in an environment of rich tutelage, joyful and harmonious learning while keeping alive the spirit of togetherness and ‘Service Before Self’. Our aim is to bring forth responsible citizens of the world who make a difference and who will make the school and nation proud of their achievements and stellar personal qualities


  • Broadening their horizons so that their world encompasses the whole of mankind.
  • Helping them incorporate the essential values of goodness, honesty, humility and discipline as an integral part of their being.
  • Guiding them to become contented individuals whose strength lies in their ability to face adversities without fear and overcome challenges with confidence.
  • Inculcating in them the sense of gender sensitivity so that they learn to treat everyone as equal and rise above the barriers of discrimination of any kind.


  • To provide pedagogy which will promote the learning of Science & Technology, liberal Arts, language learning according to the aptitude and potential of the students.
  • To familiarize and equip the students with IT skills.
  • To engage students in a healthy environment of learning and self-development where the focus is on a strong value system, mental agility and physical fitness.
  • To make the students responsible for those who are less fortunate.